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Negotiators push for extension of Israel-Hamas cease-fire as exchange agreement reaches final day

Negotiators are pushing Israel and Hamas to extend their current cease-fire beyond the fourth and final day originally agreed upon on Monday. Israel has stayed its hand in northern Gaza as Hamas terrorists have trickled out the release of hostages taken on Oct. 7 in exchange for Palestinian criminals held in Israeli prisons.


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California GOP Rep. David Valadao's office vandalized by anti-Israel protestors

A California congressman is the latest victim of antisemitism attacks happening across the country as Rep. David Valadao's (R-Calif.) Hanford office was vandalized Monday morning, according to a post on X from Rep. Valadao.

Rep. Valadao posted a photo of his Hanford office Monday afternoon covered in "Murdered by Israel" posters and fake blood. 

"This morning, my Hanford office was vandalized by anti-Israel protestors. I strongly support the right to peaceful protest, but violence and vandalism are never acceptable. In a democracy, harassment and intimidation is not how you make your voice heard," Rep. Valadao posted.

Read the full article about David Valadao by Stepheny Price

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Israeli man's aunt one of captives who were released: 'Hamas couldn’t break my aunt’s spirit'

Eyal Nouri, the nephew of recently-released Israeli captive Adina Moshe, appeared on "Your World" to talk about the latest developments with the Israel-Hamas war.

Nouri's aunt was released by Hamas on Friday. He said that his family was overjoyed when they saw reports that Moshe was on the list of freed hostages.

"We waited anxiously watching the Egyptian TV," Nouri explained. "And the minute we saw the car, the Red Cross car with my aunt inside, we were shouting emotionally and happily that she's released."

"It was like a beam of light in the whole darkness we are in since October 7th," he added.

Nouri says that the entire country of Israel is uniting to help free all the hostages kidnapped by Hamas.

"The country is very strong, is very powerful, and you feel the uniting of everybody, the sympathy and the hugging from everybody, that we are one nation again," he said.

Posted by Andrea Vacchiano

Israel-Hamas war: Photo shows 12-year-old hostage seeing mother after Hamas captivity

Israeli officials have released the first photo showing Monday night's hostages reuniting with their families.

The Prime Minister of Israel shared a photo of 12-year-old hostage Eitan Yahalomi hugging his mother in Kerem Shalom.

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) said Monday that all of the newly-released hostages were transported to Ichilov hospital in Tel-Aviv.

"The released hostages left the reception area in Kerem Shalom and are on their way to hospital where they will reunite with their families At this hour released hostages are leaving the reception area at the Kerem Shalom crossing in Israel where they underwent an initial medical assessment.," the statement explained. "They are currently aboard IAF helicopters on their way to hospital in Israel where they will be reunited with their families."

Fox News Digital's Dana Karni contributed to this report.

Posted by Andrea Vacchiano

Israel-Hamas war: U.S. Navy says Houthis fired 2 ballistic missiles towards Israel-linked ship

U.S. intelligence officials told Fox News on Monday that the Iran-backed Houthis are the group that fired two ballistic missiles towards the USS Mason.

The assessment was done by the U.S. Navy. Officials believe that the Yemeni Houthis more likely wanted to target the MV Central Park, a vessel linked to Israel, based on the missiles' trajectory.

One of the two missiles splashed in the ocean, 5 nautical miles from the MV Central Park and 10 nautical miles from the USS Mason.

Two U.S. officials told Fox News that the second missile exploded midair.

Fox News Digital's Jennifer Griffin contributed to this report.

Posted by Andrea Vacchiano

Sunny Hostin takes shot at 'The View' for only showing 'reunification of Jewish families'

"The View" co-host Sunny Hostin said Monday it was "unfortunate" people have "taken such sides" in the ongoing Israel-Palestinian conflict and took an implicit shot at the show for only showing footage of Jewish family reunifications.

The ABC talk show opened Monday with footage of hostages who had been freed by Hamas, several of them young children, as well as a clip of President Biden discussing four-year-old Avigail's ordeal, who was taken prisoner after her parents were murdered by the terrorist group. She and dozens of other hostages were freed after Israel released Palestinian prisoners accused of various criminal offenses during a temporary cease-fire.

Hostin appeared irked with the show for only showing the tearful reunions of Jewish families.

Read the full article about Sunny Hostin by David Rutz

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Israel-Hamas war: Identities of 11 recently-released Israeli hostages revealed

The identities of 11 additional hostages who were kidnapped by Hamas on Oct. 7 and returned Monday have been released. 

The Israeli military said Monday evening that 11 hostages were handed over to the Red Cross in Gaza and were on their way to Israeli territory, marking the start of the fourth swap under the original truce. 

"IDF special forces and ISA forces are currently accompanying 11 released hostages in Israeli territory," the IDF's statement read. "After they undergo an initial medical assessment of their health, our forces will accompany them until they are reunited with their families."

"The Israel Defense Forces salutes and embraces the released hostages upon their return home," the statement added. "The IDF, together with the entire Israeli security establishment, will continue operating until all the hostages are returned home."

Read the full article about Israeli hostages by Bradford Betz

Posted by Andrea Vacchiano

Israel-Hamas war: U.S. forces in Middle East attacked for the 74th time since October 17

American military forces stationed in Iraq and Syria have been attacked for the 74th time since October 17, officials say.

The latest incident happened at Patrol Base Shaddadi in Syria. Officials say that no injuries or damage have been reported.

The attacks began as the Israel-Hamas war escalated in mid-October. Iran-backed militant groups have been targeting American bases with a mix of one-way drones and rockets.

38 of the attacks happened to American forces in Syria, while the other 36 have happened in Iraq.

Fox News Digital's Liz Friden contributed to this report.

Posted by Andrea Vacchiano

Israel Defense Forces details humanitarian aid recently sent to Gaza amid pause

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) says that 200 humanitarian aid trucks were dispatched to Gaza on Monday, as the pause in the Israel-Hamas war continues.

"8 containers carrying diesel fuel and cooking gas were transferred from Egypt to UN humanitarian aid organizations in Gaza, as part of the pause and the hostage-release framework reached with the U.S. through the mediation of Qatar and Egypt," the IDF said on X Monday.

"The fuel and cooking gas are designated for the operation of vital humanitarian infrastructure in Gaza," the post added.

The vehicles are carrying medical equipment, clean water, food and other supplies to help the Palestinian civilian population.

"200 humanitarian aid trucks are also being dispatched to intl. aid orgs. operating in Gaza," the IDF explained. "The trucks only carry food, water, shelter equipment and medical supplies."

Posted by Andrea Vacchiano

Nine recently-released hostages being cared for at Schneider Children's Hospital: Yingst

Medical providers are rushing to treat the hostages that were recently released by Hamas amid the humanitarian pause between the terrorist group and Israel.

Fox News foreign correspondent Trey Yingst reported the news from Petah Tikva, Israel on Monday.

"Here at the Schneider Children's Hospital just outside of Tel Aviv. 14 people were released yesterday, and we know nine of them came to this hospital," Yingst said. "They were lifted here by a helicopter and they are receiving treatment at this hour."

Yingst explained that none of the nine Schneider Children's Medical Center patients that were released on Sunday are in critical condition.

"All of the patients here are said to be in good condition," he added. "They're being treated by a variety of doctors and psychologists to ensure they have everything they need."

Posted by Andrea Vacchiano

Israel-Hamas war: President Biden reacts to extension of humanitarian pause in Gaza

President Biden thanked Middle Eastern leaders for facilitating the two day-extension of the humanitarian pause in Gaza, as the Israel-Hamas war inches closer to finishing its second month.

"I have remained deeply engaged over the last few days to ensure that this deal—brokered and sustained through extensive U.S. mediation and diplomacy—can continue to deliver results," Biden said in a statement.

The president also noted that the pause enabled "a significant surge in additional humanitarian assistance to the innocent civilians who are suffering across the Gaza strip," and that the U.S. has worked for years to be the "largest funder of humanitarian assistance for the Palestinian people."

"We are taking full advantage of the pause in fighting to increase the amount of humanitarian aid moving into Gaza, and we will continue our efforts to build a future of peace and dignity for the Palestinian people," Biden's press release continued.

"Today, I want to again thank Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel, Amir Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad Al-Thani of Qatar, and President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi of Egypt for their commitment to this process and in reaching the agreement for an extension over the next 48 hours," the statement added. "We will not stop until all of the hostages held by Hamas terrorists are released."

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Israel-Hamas War: Ambassador Gilad Erdan calls for Musk to ban Iran's Ayatollah Khamenei from X

Permanent Representative of Israel to the United Nations Gilad Erdan thanked Tesla CEO Elon Musk for "condemning the spread of antisemitism" during tech entrepreneur's visit to Israel.

"Thank you @elonmusk for condemning the spread of antisemitism and murderous propaganda against Israel. Now, as you said, it is time for action," Erdan wrote on an X post on Monday.

The Israeli ambassador quickly followed up by calling for X to ban the Iranian government, one of Israel's enemies, from the social media platform.

"Those who call for the genocide of Jews and the annihilation of the State of Israel, such as Iran’s Ayatollah Khamenei (I attached only 2 examples of his genocidal ideology) must be banned from X and all social media platforms," Erdan added.

Posted by Andrea Vacchiano

CNBC host clashes with Democratic congressman over Israel-Hamas war

Rep. Ro Khanna, D-Calif., clashed with CNBC host Joe Kernen over the Israel-Hamas war during an appearance on "Squawk Box" Sunday. 

"Here’s the reality," Khanna told Kernen on the morning business show. "There are 38,000 to 40,000 Hamas fighters. Israel has killed by their own estimates 1,000 to 2,000 and there have been almost 12,000 civilian casualties. Children, killed. I mean, half of whom have been children," Khanna started before being interrupted by Kernen.

"But do you remember that Hamas are holding children in front of them shielding themselves and they started this? They started this by slaughtering 1,400 people," Kernen told Khanna.

Khanna then estimated that attempting to "eliminate all of the 40,000 Hamas fighters" means that the war may result in anywhere from "200,000 to 300,000 civilian casualties," with "50% being children." 

That makes the war not only a strategic question, but a "humanitarian" one, Khanna said. 

The California Democrat also argued that Israel "ought to diminish the military capability" and "make sure there’s no attack ever again like Oct. 7," which he said was an unlikely possibility given Israel's military response in northern Gaza. 

Fox News' Jeffrey Clark contributed to this report

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Hamas releases 11 Israeli hostages in 4th cease-fire exchange

Hamas released 11 hostages to the International Red Cross on Monday in the fourth exchange of the terrorist group's ongoing cease-fire with Israel.

The exchange comes hours after Israel and Hamas agreed to a two-day extension to the current cease-fire, which was set to expire Monday, according to the Wall Street Journal. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's office has expressed openness to extending the cease-fire by one day for every 10 Israeli hostages released.

Hamas released 58 hostages over the first three days of the cease-fire, including 40 Israeli citizens. In exchange, Israel released roughly 150 Palestinian criminals held in Israeli prisons.

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Attorney General Garland expresses 'hope' Hamas will release more American hostages 'in coming days

Attorney General Merrick Garland visited the U.S. Attorney’s Office in New York City on Monday, when he shared brief public remarks about his office’s role in securing the safe return of American hostages being held by Hamas in Gaza.

During his visit, Garland met with U.S. Attorney Damian Williams as well as other federal, state and local law enforcement leaders to discuss the issues in their community. The visit is part of the attorney general’s plan to visit other U.S. Attorney’s Offices across the country.

"While these kinds of meetings between the Justice Department and our law enforcement partners are always important, the current global threat environment makes this one particularly urgent," Garland started his remarks.

"Over the past several days, over 40 hostages who were kidnapped by Hamas on October 7th have been released. Among them was Avigail Idan, a 4-year-old American," he continued. "We welcome Avigail's return and hope to see the return of more hostages in the days to come."

The attorney general, flanked by Williams, said the department’s Victims Services Office, as well as corresponding victim’s services offices within the FBI, were standing ready to "provide assistance to released Americans and their families."

Fox News' Lawrence Richard contributed to this report

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Israel continues 'complex' efforts to rescue hostages

A retired U.S. Navy SEAL officer joined Fox News on Monday to explain why the efforts to rescue hostages in Gaza is difficult even as some hostages begin to be released from under Hamas.

The veteran, Mike Sarraille, says each of the hostages who have been released since Friday hold "invaluable" intelligence that could help Israel moving forward. Israel has vowed to destroy Hamas and officials say the military campaign will continue after the current cease-fire.

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Ireland anti-hate law pushed after Dublin riots could criminalize memes, poses free speech concerns

Ireland's government is newly pushing an anti-hate speech law in the wake of riots that came in response to the stabbing of a woman and three children outside a primary school in Dublin.

"Language being proposed as law in Ireland means this could literally happen to you for having a meme on your phone," Elon Musk wrote on X, responding to another user who posted a gif of a police raid. Critics are widely slamming the legislation over freedom of speech concerns. 

Ireland was trending on Musk’s X Monday, as text circulated of the bill targeting any "offense of preparing or possessing material likely to incite violence or hatred against persons on account of their protected characteristics." 

Protected characteristics listed in the bill include national or ethnic origin, as well as "transgender and a gender other than those of male and female."

Tensions in Ireland are running high amid the war in Israel and immigration protests.

Fox News' Danielle Wallace contributed to this report

Posted by Anders Hagstrom

Israel and Hamas agree to 2-day extension of Gaza cease-fire, Qatar says

Israel and Hamas have agreed to extend their cease-fire agreement for two more days, Qatar's Foreign Ministry says.

Qatar announced the move Monday morning, and Hamas officials confirmed it soon afterward. White House National Security Council Spokesman John Kirby says the agreement will see Hamas release 20 women and children over the two days.

Hamas says the extension will follow the same terms as the previous exchange agreement, under which Hamas delivered at least 10 Israeli hostages for each day of the truce.

So far, Hamas has released 58 hostages, 40 of them Israeli, while Israel has released roughly 150 Palestinian criminals.

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Hamas is winning the global propaganda war: Rep. Mike Waltz

Rep. Mike Waltz, R-Fla., appeared on Fox News on Monday and argued that Hamas is dragging out the release of hostages in order to reposition and rearm its fighters.

Waltz' Monday appearance on 'Varney & Co.' comes on the final day of a four-day ceasefire between Israel and Hamas. Israel is now facing heavy pressure to extend the cease-fire in exchange for hostages held by Hamas in Gaza.

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New images of Avigail Idan show released 4-year-old US citizen smiling, reunited with family members

Avigail Idan, 4, returned to Israel from Hamas captivity on Sunday and was ensconced in the special unit designated for her and her family in Schneider Children's Medical Center

New photos show the first hours Avigail spent in the facility, together with her family, including her aunt Liron, uncle Zuli, as well as her grandparents, Shlomit and Eitan.

Idan, a dual U.S. and Israeli citizen, is the first and only American to be released by Hamas as part of an ongoing ceasefire. There remain up to nine Americans in Hamas custody.

Fox News' Dana Karni contributed to this report

Posted by Anders Hagstrom

Biden is paying for both sides of the Israel-Hamas war: KT McFarland

Former Trump deputy national security adviser KT McFarland joined Fox Business to discuss whether Israel is winning its war against Hamas on 'Varney & Co.' on Monday.

Israel was crushing Hamas forces in northern Gaza for weeks, but that progress has come to a halt thanks to a four-day cease-fire since Friday. Hamas is using the time to recuperate its forces in the other and solidify positions in the south.

Meanwhile, many outside forces are pressuring Israel to extend the ceasefire byond Monday in exchange for more hostage releases by Hamas.

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Hamas terrorists are using Israeli hostage release as a game of psychological warfare

On Sunday evening, when Israeli newscasters announced that 4-year-old Avigail Idan was among the third batch of hostages being released by Hamas from Gaza, it seemed as if the entire Jewish state breathed a collective sigh of relief. 

The curly-haired toddler, an American citizen whose parents were both brutally murdered by Hamas terrorists on their kibbutz in southern Israel on Oct. 7, is only one of the hundreds of horrifying stories that have captured the public’s attention here over the past seven weeks. 

Yet her release – and that of other Israeli children – as part of a ceasefire deal now playing out between Israel and the terror group that governs the Palestinian enclave can be seen as a clear symbol of the psychological warfare that continues to be waged by the terrorists against Israelis. 

"This is psychological terrorism, that is the only way to describe it," Lt. Col. (res) Shaul Bartal, a senior researcher at the Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies at Bar Ilan University near Tel Aviv, told Fox News Digital.

For the past three days, since the truce went into effect early Friday morning with the promise that some 40 children, their mothers and maybe even grandmothers, would be released by Hamas after nearly 50 days in captivity, a real-life psychological thriller – akin, some have said to the fictional survival process themed in Suzanne Collins’ popular trilogy The Hunger Games – has been playing out.

Full article by Fox News' Ruth Marks Eglash

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Israel, Hamas in disagreement over hostage release list for final day of cease-fire: Report

Israel and Hamas are in disagreement over the list of hostages set to be released from Gaza on Monday.

Israel has insisted that family groups be kept together and released together, but Hamas says it does not have certain related hostages together in one location, according to the Wall Street Journal. It is unclear how many hostages are expected to be released Monday, but Hamas provided a list to Israel late Sunday.

Hamas has also objected to Israel's release of Palestinian criminals, saying the prisoners with the longest sentences were supposed to be released first. Israel says it never agreed to such a deal.

The disagreement comes as both Hamas and outside negotiators are pushing for Israel to extend the cease-fire agreement in exchange for more hostages. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's office had indicated last week that Israel would extend the cease-fire by one day for every 10 hostages Hamas frees.

So far, Hamas has freed some 58 hostages, 40 of whom are Israeli.

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NYC woman details family members' release by Hamas as she waits for word on others

Alana Zeitchik spoke with Fox News on Monday after two of her cousins were freed from Hamas, but the effort is far from over.

Zeitchik said four of her other cousins remain in Hamas captivity, and it is unclear whether Israel will agree to extend the cease-fire in exchange for more hostage releases.

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Pro-Palestinian protesters compare NYPD, IDF to the KKK

Pro-Palestinian protesters in New York City compared the NYPD and Israeli Defense Forces to the KKK during a Sunday demonstration.

Retired NYPD inspector Paul Mauro joined Fox News on Monday to discuss the incident. He argued that the pro-Palestinian demonstrators were "completely divorced from reality," and he went on to discuss the alarming rate of NYPD retirements in 2023.

Posted by Anders Hagstrom

NY official demands resignation of college president who claimed 'complex history' in Hamas attack

A New York politician is calling for the resignation of a university president who he accused of finding "moral equivalence between Hamas’ terrorist slaughter of innocent women and children with the contested political agenda of the Palestinian people" in the wake of the October 7 attacks.

In a letter first obtained by Fox News Digital on Sunday, Nassau County Executive Bruce Blakeman said Hofstra University President Dr. Susan Poser’s statement last month regarding the Israel-Hamas war is "so misguided and antithetical to good moral values and judgment that it puts into question her ability to lead Nassau County’s largest private university." 

"I was shocked by the comments made by Dr. Poser concerning the barbaric and cowardly attack on innocent women and children by Hamas, a vicious terrorist organization," Blakeman, a Republican whose father and uncle both attended Hofstra after returning home from World War II, wrote. 

Blakeman, who has also taught Business Law at Hofstra and said many of his friends and colleagues are distinguished alumni, went on to say Poser’s "callous and unconscionable statement is completely out of step with the vast majority of Nassau County residents. With no allies for her in business, labor or government, Hofstra would be wise to part ways with Dr. Poser." 

Blakeman’s letter, addressed to the Hofstra University Board of Trustees, came in response to Poser’s October 18 message to the Hofstra Community following the school's fall break. The university president wrote in her message that she wanted "to acknowledge the emails and comments that I and other administrators have received since Hamas attacked Israel on October 7th." 

Fox News' Danielle Wallace contributed to this report

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BBC editor 'doesn't regret' false Gaza reporting on hospital blast

FOX News contributor Joe Concha joined 'FOX & Friends First' on Monday and called for the firing of a BBC editor who falsely reported on an explosion at a Gaza hospital last month.

The editor, Jeremy Bowen, says he "doesn't regret" his reporting on Hamas claims that an Israeli airstrike had hit the hospital, despite later evidence showing the explosion was actually due to a terrorist rocket fired at Israel.

“No, I don’t regret one thing in my reporting, because I think I was measured throughout, I didn’t race to judgement,” Bowen says in an interview published by BBC.

“Oh yeah, well I got that wrong," he said when confronted with his reporting that the hospital had been "flattened."

Posted by Anders Hagstrom

Elon Musk meets with Netanyahu at site of Oct. 7 Hamas massacre

Billionaire Elon Musk met with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the site of a neighborhood attacked by Hamas on Oct. 7.

Musk toured the Kibbutz with Netanyahu on Monday and was briefed on the Hamas atrocities committed there. The billionaire owner of X, the platform formerly known as Twitter, is pushing to crack down on antisemitic content on the platform.

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Israeli lawmaker vows to resume military campaign after cease-fire: 'Eradicate Hamas at all costs'

Israeli Knesset Member Dany Danon says Israel will continue its campaign against Hamas following the end of its cease-fire agreement, which entered its final day on Monday.

Danon, a former Israeli ambassador to the United Nations, told Fox News Digital that Israel has "no choice" but to complete its mission to eradicate Hamas from Gaza.

"We are focussed on the return of our hostages now but we will resume our military campaign. We are not in a position to risk our future. We say the same to European leaders, and to President Biden. We appreciate your support but this time we have no choice. We have to go all the way and eradicate Hamas at all costs," he said in a statement.

Fox News' Ronn Blitzer contributed to this report

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NATO chief calls for extension of Israel-Hamas cease-fire as agreement reaches final day

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg called for Israel to extend its cease-fire with Hamas in exchange for more hostage releases on Monday.

Israel and Hamas entered the final day of their four-day cease-fire agreement on Monday, which say 50 Israeli hostages exchanged for 150 Palestinian criminals, many of whom were convicted for terrorist attacks.

"I call for an extension of the pause. This would allow for much needed relief to the people of Gaza and the release of more hostages," Stoltenberg told reporters, according to the Agence France-Presse.

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Biden interviews with radio show that promoted notorious antisemite who compared Jews to 'termites'

President Biden sat down for an interview this past week with a radio host who has promoted the words of infamous antisemite Louis Farrakhan and whose show wished him "Happy Birthday" on social media earlier this year.

"Happy Birthday to the honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, who turned 90 years old today!" Radio host Rickey Smiley’s show posted on X, formerly known as Twitter, in May.

White House deputy communications director Jennifer Molina announced on X last Tuesday that Biden recently taped three interviews, including one with Smiley, that "will reach 14 million Americans nationwide, across 140 markets."

Smiley’s Twitter accounts contain several posts promoting Farrakhan with links going back to news articles about his speeches on the radio show's website.

Farrakhan has called Jewish people "termites", praised Hitler, and has become one of the most controversial religious figures in the United States due to his derogatory comments about Israel.

Fox News' Andrew Mark Miller contributed to this report

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NYC councilwoman blasts failure of ‘modern progressivism’ after anti-Israel high school riot

A New York City councilwoman unloaded on the failure of "modern progressivism" after students at a Queens high school last week reportedly rioted against a Jewish teacher for attending a pro-Israel rally.

"I was sickened by what I saw at Hillcrest HS, but sadly I was not surprised," Republican New York City Councilwoman Vickie Paladino told Fox News Digital on Sunday. "Our education system is fundamentally broken, and antisemitic riots like this are sadly the natural result of years of woke leftist indoctrination replacing real education.

"Allowing progressives to gain total control over our institutions was always going to lead to tragic outcomes; they’ve been working to instigate a cultural revolution here for decades, and now those efforts appear to be bearing fruit."

Chaos broke out at Hillcrest High School in Queens on Monday after 11 a.m. when students planned a protest against a female teacher for attending a pro-Israel rally last month, the New York Post reported. Students reportedly checked out the teacher’s Facebook account and found her profile photo showed her attending the rally while holding a sign reading, "I stand with Israel."

Hundreds of students reportedly ran through the school’s hallways with Palestinian flags and chanted in support of Palestinians, the outlet reported. Witnesses said students started a group chat to expose the teacher and planned "a riot" ahead of Monday’s chaos, the New York Post reported.

"Everyone was yelling ‘Free Palestine!’" a senior told the news outlet."Everyone was screaming ‘[The teacher] needs to go!’" another student explained.

Students reportedly even attempted to get into the pro-Israel teacher’s classroom, but were blocked by other faculty members. The NYPD responded to the school, which is located in Queen’s Jamaica neighborhood, at about 11:20 a.m.

Fox News' Emma Colton contributed to this report.

Posted by Anders Hagstrom

Israel-Hamas war: Hostage Elma Avraham remains in critical condition after 'significant neglect'

Israeli doctors say that Elma Avraham, the 84-year-old Israeli hostage who was rushed to a hospital after being released by Hamas on Sunday, remains in critical condition.

In a statement, Soroka Medical Center CEO Dr. Shlomi Codish said that the elderly woman was "significant[ly]" neglected by her Hamas captors.

"[Avraham] is treated in an emergency department after significant medical neglect for the past several weeks while being held by Hamas," Codish said. "She is currently in unstable condition with risk to her life and will be admitted to our intensive care unit and we hope we will able to stabilize it and improve her condition."

"Soroka Medical Center has been at the forefront of treating casualties of the horrible events of October is horrific that we now need to continue to care for elderly patients held in underground tunnels for seven weeks with total medical neglect and disregard for their care, which is a miracle," the doctor added.

Fox News Digital's Andrea Vacchiano and Dana Karni contributed to this report.

Posted by Anders Hagstrom

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